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Essential wedding preparation for men

It might be tempting for the groom to take a back seat and let his fiancée run the show when it comes to wedding preparation, but it’s a landmark day for him too, so he should be just as involved as his partner. This infographic from Commins & Co shows how he and his groomsmen can come good for the big day.

Market research appears to indicate that, in recent years, men have become a lot more involved in the wedding planning process. It may surprise you to know that 1 in 5 grooms are solely or chiefly responsible for selecting their partner’s dress, a decision which 12% of grooms regard as the most important to be made ahead of the wedding. Bet you weren’t expecting to hear that somehow!

The groom, the best man and the remaining groomsmen all have major parts to play in contributing to the smooth operation of a wedding. Any good groom will happily take ownership of numerous wedding planning tasks, most probably arranging the transport, accommodation and wedding venue. It’s quite alright if he prefers to leave jobs like the floral arrangements to his fiancée, so long as he takes charge of more ‘masculine’ tasks.

He will also have to select a best man, and this isn’t a decision to be made at random. The groom needs to know that his best man will readily make himself available for every pre-wedding task necessary – the best man’s job entails a lot more than making a funny yet heartfelt speech. Speaking of which, he needs to know the fine line that separates good-natured humour from tasteless remarks, as getting this balance wrong can puncture the feel-good factor out of the wedding reception.

The groom will additionally select 2-3 groomsmen to take care of essential duties on the day of the wedding, including directing guests to their places for the ceremony and fielding any questions that guests may have about the venue or wedding. Their level of responsibility might not seem as vast as that of the groom or best man, but one slip from a lazy or careless groomsman could sour the entire wedding day.

Men, when you’re in the thick of planning a wedding, remember that teamwork is vital. Also, keep in mind that the more effort you invest in the preparations for the wedding day, the more enjoyable the big day will be when it comes around. If you deliver the goods, a bride and her family will be forever grateful.



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