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Hands up those who would love some FREE wedding advice from an industry expert? Don’t worry the expert is not me. Just for the record, I am not an expert by any means. This wedding guru has been officially planning weddings for three years and has admitted the majority of weddings she plans are country weddings. Which, my rural brides, is right up our ally. And guess what? She gets you. She knows what makes a rural bride different to a city bride- having told me “a rural bride has to take more into consideration when planning a wedding- weather, distance between places, booking accommodation for out of town guests, transport for guests, providing brunch the next day etc.” Ladies, are these not some of the exact logistics you as rural brides have been scratching your heads over? So WHO is this wedding planner? Well… This planner is savvy, realistic, and approachable (and actually one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with). The fabulous wedding planner I am gloating about is non-other than Melissa Bowman (Mel) of Melissa Bowman Weddings and Events. (Mel is the woman to the left)

Melissa offers a range of planning services to suit your budget, needs and WANTS. Let’s face it, a wedding day is planned based on wants once the basics are organised, so it’s important that a rural bride gets what she WANTS. It has become a trend for brides to add that personal touch to the big day that allows the guests to create a specific memory of the wedding. Melissa has noticed that brides are wanting to make their weddings as customised as possible, and she is helping them do so. Whether it means making table numbers with the couples’ picture on it, homemade jam for favours or getting electricity to a marquee in the middle of a paddock- Mel is helping.

Mel has kindly offered up some advice for you, my ever so lovely rural brides (Which I guess is the point of this post). So advice from the wedding planner: 1. Prioritise your list. Work out what is most important to you and splash out on that. Save on things further down the list. 2. Stick to your budget. You’ve set it at that amount for a reason exceeding it will add unnecessary stress to your life. 3. Employ a wedding planner to take the stress out of it all. 4. Enjoy the process because (all things going to plan) you will only get this day once. Here are some photos from a couple of weddings Mel has planned in the last year or so.

If any of you are interested in speaking with Mel or learning more about her services, head over to her website www.melissabowmanweddings.com.au where you can find testimonials from past clients and contact information.

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