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It was an honour to be a part of Pippie and Glen’s wedding day December 13 of last year. It was filled with the talents of many local suppliers and incredible surprises for everyone!

Leading up to the wedding, weather was causing a little havoc - as Wedding Planner decisions had to be made on the fly as to where we would have the canapés and entertain guests while the bridal party were having photos taken.…. The rain and cold weather had set in and it was decided to have the whole reception's events inside the marquee and not in the garden as originally planned. The running order was re-arranged to suit.

After attending the ceremony in Armidale, guests arrived on buses to Pippie’s family property south of Walcha. An enormous marquee on the tennis court provided the venue for over 200 guests. It was the biggest marquee I have ever seen for a country wedding. A full beautiful timber floor provided a large dance floor and ample room for catering and bar staff negating the need for separate catering and bar structures. It was amazing to work with so much space. With clear sides guests could still take in the beauty of the garden and amazing landscape while sipping on cocktails and enjoying an assortment of canapés earlier in the night.

The bridal party were introduced after canapés and to everyone’s surprise Pippie and Glen immediately began their bridal dance. Dance lessons paid off...for ten minutes the constant change of pace and dance styles kept guests entertained listening and watching tango, quick step, traditional waltz, not to mention the groom doing the worm to Thrift Shopping! It was the most entertaining (and brave) thing I have ever seen. It certainly set the evening’s mood for the dance floor after all guests (except one vegetarian!) enjoyed Cape Grim eye fillet for dinner.

Thankfully it only rained lightly on the night and the festivities were not hampered. In fact it was a blessing in the end as the cold and damp weather provided for a lively dance floor, happy farmers and amazing photos.

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