Fliss and James

Fliss & James' wedding in Forbes NSW

We just don’t know where to start with singing your praises. Your attention to detail and ability to work well with everyone was fantastic. Fliss certainly had the right idea to get you involved and how lucky were we that you were available to do our special wedding.

We were amazed at your ability to still smile and chat pleasantly after a 17 hour day on Sat – superwoman!

There were so many things for which we were grateful - your expertise, energy and professional eye, from flowers to housekeeping to chatting with all and sundry.

As you know I have had some health issues and Fliss wanted to take some of the burden of the day off my shoulders – I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have you on board.

Thankyou so much.

Jayne Hammond - Mother of the bride


I cannot begin to thankyou enough for all your work and contributions to our wedding. You fit in with our family easily and understood all our needs.

Having a wedding at home was always daunting for both my parents and myself. Having you Mel, made the experience one of happiness and excitement, not stress and burden.

Mum cannot stop singing your praises, you really make the whole experience that much better for her. New South Wales brides are lucky to have you! I cannot recommend you highly enough...and certainly will be.

All the best in business and family.

Fliss - the Bride

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